The upcoming week in the 2023-24 Champions League promises thrilling matchups. City takes on Madrid, PSG faces Barcelona, Atletico hosts Dortmund, and Arsenal battles Bayern. The Analyst delivers predictions for these clashes and the tournament ahead.

How does the Opta supercomputer work?

Carlo Ancelotti asserts Real Madrid's strength in the UCL. The 2024 Champions League Final date and location remain undisclosed. In the 2023-24 season, enticing quarter-finals include clashes between City and Madrid, PSG and Barcelona, Atletico and Dortmund, and Arsenal and Bayern. The Analyst offers predictions for these fixtures and the tournament.

Manchester City-Real Madrid

According to OPTA's supercomputer, Manchester City holds a slight edge over Real Madrid in their upcoming clash, with a 60% chance of advancing compared to Real Madrid's 40%. These two teams have faced off frequently in recent seasons, with City prevailing in crucial matches, including a significant win in the previous campaign's semi-final.


In the other match on Tuesday, the supercomputer highlights the contrasting form of Bayern and Arsenal. Initially favored, Bayern faced Arsenal, whom they have eliminated in all four previous Champions League encounters. However, Arsenal's current Premier League lead shifts the odds, with a 58.5% chance of reaching the semis, while Bayern stands at 41.5%, eyeing their sole chance for silverware this season.


In Wednesday's pivotal matchups, the predictions are tightly contested. According to OPTA, PSG holds a slight advantage with a 57% chance of success, leaving Barcelona with 43%. Their intense rivalry stems from frequent encounters in recent years, with Barcelona winning three of five knockout rounds compared to PSG's two, including a recent victory in 2021. Among these clashes, the standout moment is Barcelona's remarkable 6-1 comeback in 2017 under the management of Luis Enrique.

Borussia Dortmund-Atletico Madrid

The supercomputer identifies the Atletico-Dortmund matchup as the most evenly balanced. Dortmund holds a slight edge with a 56.3% chance, while Atletico stands at 43.7%. One crucial factor in this prediction is Dortmund's home advantage in the second leg. Atletico has shown strength at the Metropolitano, notably in their victory over Inter Milan. However, the decisive moment will unfold at the Signal Iduna Park, renowned as one of Europe's most fervent stadiums.

City also favored to win the Champions League

The model further simulates hypothetical semi-final and final matches. Manchester City emerges as the favored team to secure the title again, with a 28.3% probability. Following closely are Real Madrid and PSG. Conversely, Bayern and Atletico Madrid are deemed the least likely contenders, with probabilities of 6.2% and 5%, respectively.